Double restart

A spin-off and a realisation - bap and its network as a source of inspiration.

The first step has been made and yes, especially now, I feel like taking action and moving forward. This entailed many decisions which were not the easiest, but however, I am proud to say that we have founded a start-up at the current time that addresses the connection between analog and digital pushing people and technology further. Stating this, the connection is not an end in itself, but rather serve a purpose and create real added value to everyone involved. We want to share our tools, create digital process maps, consider new job opportunities and achieve relaxation in everyday life. We have lots of plans and indeed, we are speeding up Welcome digital balance

Exciting things are also going to happen with at bap. Obviously, the current phase is quite difficult for many of us, but as they say: ”An entrepreneur has to take action” and likewise the same goes for a female entrepreneur. No sooner said than done – the bap has proved itself to be an all-rounder in the field of project management hroughout the crisis – we have included a variety of projects in our learning curve of 13 years. Our network should benefit from this to achieve their own goals in a faster or more productive way. Below you will find a few of our Cases. And since we are not only active in marketing, but also in sales, HR etc. we are focusing on our core competence – project management. Therefore we had to change our name - bap-marketing became bap-projects. Our new digital showcase is available here Special thanks to all companions who have guided and inspired us during this change.

Sharing some thoughts – what to expect at our new 380°!

While interviewing my brother and colleague Ron we try to appeal for common sense. To ensure that these kinds of projects are well supported while organizations are using us as buddies and companions, you’ll also find a first glimpse at digital balance our start-up. However, everything seems to be meaningless if we can’t be happy about it. Therefore we included a tip for gratitude and joy in everyday life – our coffee meditation. So do yourself a favor and believe in yourself while contributing to a caring and loving interaction.

A big thank you to all of you who join and belief in us.

Your Nancy