We are...

be a part. A team of project allrounders full of heart. We are no specialists in that one key field, but love and embrace diversity in daily project life.

We are companions, initiators and implementers with a learning curve of 13 years.

We love...

Diversity. Whether in our projects, among our partners, or in our internal team. We love to exchange vibrant ideas with our clients.

Driven by our philosophy "because people matter" we are constantly able to have a fresh perspective in everyday life. 


We're looking for...

...new encounters, possibilities, and concepts that challenge and encourage. We are looking for projects which we sharpen and develop through our processes while challenging us to think in fresh ways.

We are not just looking for anyone, we seek new partnerships - we are looking for you! 

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We realize our customers' ideas or solve their problems in a fast way. With our in-house project cycle, we navigate our customers' issues to insight, success, or sometimes simply establish a learning curve.

We are the ideal partner to create and explore pilot projects, while we can also ensure the successful management of long-term projects.

We are situation-aware and adaptive as we move through customer ecosystems.

Wir fühlen uns keiner Branche verpflichtet, denn genau durch die Diversität unserer Projekte lernen wir täglich Neues. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt eindeutig in der Umsetzung von Konzepten, die den Kundenkontakt erhöhen.

We operate between somewhere marketing and sales!

Our motivation and commitment

„because people matter“ – a strong principle representing the soul of our corporate philosophy. Based on this, we create and maintain a culture of trust with our network while providing a space for self-responsibility and freedom in projects.

We developed this approach of working independently - called “Smart Moves” – based on our essential corporate principles:
we live flexibly – we act transparently – we remain curious

Continously learning since 13 years

And we will most certainly never want to stop learning!

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Here’s what our partners say about our work

One name that says it all, as much as KitchenAid.
KitchenAid ist mit der „bap“ bereits durch viele Challenges gegangen: Vom brainstormenden Entwickeln von Ideen, durch Konzeptionsphasen bis hin zu den operativen Ausführungen zeigt die be a part Kreativität, Flexibilität, Erfahrung und Weitsicht in allen Phasen von Projekten. Dabei bleibt sie nahbar, offen, konstruktiv, innovativ. Sie sind ein Teil von uns und wir ein Teil von ihnen. Be a part.
Published: March 2021

Since 2013 the be a part team has been part of hosting our large global events for Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting). With the team’s professional approach and enthusiasm we delivered together many successful events which were also very highly appreciated by all customers visiting us during the years of our cooperation. Throughout the preparation time we closely work together with the team. We have honest discussions to improve the execution of each project to ensure on time and successful execution. It is always a joy and pleasure to join forces with the be a part team and strive for perfection each time for everyone involved in the project and to keep on challenging each other towards the next goal.

Verfasst: April 2021

Die bap ist eine ganz besondere Agentur – innovativ und inspirierend, verlässlich und vertrauensvoll – alles verbunden mit Spaß an der Arbeit. Der allzeit positive Spirit der Mitarbeiter und das stets lösungsorientierte Denken ist wirklich beeindruckend und macht bap zu so einem einzigartigen und geschätzten Partner. Danke, dass Ihr so seid wie Ihr seid.

Verfasst: April 2021

A highly professional agency with an extremely ambitious and dedicated team. I have truly enjoyed working together with the be a part
riesigen Spaß und die Ergebnisse waren immer zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit.

Published: March 2021

At bap, there are people who make us smile every day, even though we don’t feel like it sometimes. Such a special agency and partner enriches us constantly in our daily life – in private and business. I am looking very much forward for our journey to come. Thank you for everything!

Published: March 2021

The team of be a part is supporting our company for many years now – whether in the area of events, online experiences or campaigns – they are a true all-rounder agency with loads of competency.

Published: March 2021

Kreative und professionelle Agentur, die den Spagat zwischen Bodenhaftung und mutigen Visionen schafft. Menschlich ein sehr angenehmes, serviceorientiertes Team, mit dem die Zusammenarbeit jederzeit viel Spaß macht. Auch nach den Projekten und in der Umsetzung ein wertvoller Begleiter, Impulsgeber und Sparringspartner.

Verfasst: April 2021

Die abwechslungsreiche Zusammenarbeit mit der be a part und die vielen interessanten Projekten bringen stets Freude und positive Herausforderungen mit sich.

Verfasst: Mai 2021