Many months lie behind us, which were simply different than usual. But basically, isn't everything always somehow new and different? Especially because change is in the nature of things and has shaped us humans over millions of years to what we are today. Especially sincewe are generally doing well: We are living in the most peaceful time of mankind and especially in our immediate environment no one has to suffer from hunger; our basic material needs are more than fulfilled and we are living in one of the richest countries on earth with one of the most sophisticated health care systems ever. If you don't believe that, you are welcome to have a heart attack in Munich or, alternatively, in Naples or Nairobi.

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the garden!

Certainly, there is always room for improvement; of course, afterwards we all know what should have been done better and where everyone else made mistakes - but nobody knows beforehand. So let us also be grateful for what we have and what we can rely on. Reflection and gratitude can be enormously inspiring and are key drivers for surviving difficult times. It is not my intention to gloss over everything without criticism. However, we would like to consciously appreciate, see and, in particular, actively experience what is beautiful and what already exists and not just passively accept it.

Man is himself - and so is woman!

Self-initiative is the order of the day. Get into it - be in the present and thus enjoy the moments. Every moment has its very own impact and teaches us something for the next step. But first: Stay in the now and enjoy the moment! A very banal observation we could make: If we look into the past, emotions like sadness and anger often dominate, because we didn't do one or the other thing at all or - in our eyes - did it wrong. If we look into the future, we often feel fear and worry - especially in times that are unfamiliar to us, like the times we are currently living through.

Ignoring the rearview mirror and crystal ball

But, let's face it: we won't be able to change the past, and we can't predict the future. So what's the point of all those longing glances in the rearview mirror and crystal ball? We should consciously disregard both on a regular basis in order to be able to live properly in the here and now and do our utmost to positively shape the future.
With the coffee meditation (380° Knowledge Journey Part 1: Interview with Eva Balzer | Kaffee-Meditation, Freude teilen & geben) we would like to give you a tool that puts the focus on good deeds in the moment and warms your heart in the evening. Side effects like deeper, restful sleep, serenity and good mood not excluded. So, just put away your cell phone and TV and enjoy yourself with beautiful thoughts.