Welcome digital balance or How do I replace digital complexity with digital ease?

Alongside our motto because people matter“ we have rocked one project after the other at bap and were always happy to see everyone involved smiling or at least having a grin on their face when they looked back on the project. Due to our structure and the effortlessness in doing, we are able to implement even stressful phases in a focused way. "You laugh so much" is what clients often tell us - the nicest compliment you can receive in your job. A visible joy!

Complexity out, effortlessness in

People are alive; only through the honest feedback of emotions developed can projects get their movement while necessary insights can be gained. However, this is exactly what can make a project exhausting and blur the common picture, so that lightness sometimes falls behind. We achieve effortlessness by reducing complexity and yes, that's often hard to do these days. For this reason, we have created a new world and in this world, digital balance, we want to produce lightness. We achieve this through good digital assistants that manage clean data and are good decision-making tools. They are neither fortune tellers nor the boss, but simply helpers to fully understand the facts.

The right balance between digital and analog

Since we care a lot about such balance and have learned a tremendous amount about it, we would like to share our knowledge with the world and bring joy in this topic. Through our approach „Smart Moves“ wollen wir Organisationen helfen, ihr Organisationsdesign an das Heute, Morgen & Übermorgen anzupassen. Im Modell „Smart Moves – smart in your mind, in your area and in your IT“ sind Elemente aus dem Design Thinking, Achtsamkeitstraining, IT-Knowhow, Bewegung, Meeting-Kultur, Leadership und weitere wichtige Aspekte des Daily Business enthalten. Weder mit der Gießkanne noch im strengen Korsett adaptieren wir das Modell auf unsere Kunden. Die sinnhafte connection of people and technology is our motivation and companion.

With the www.digital-balance.world we want to reach organizations so they can provide their people with the technical ease they need. We can shape the future with much more ease and efficiency by having the past on file. Analog meets digital and balance is, as often in life, the one that gives us the courage and strength to make the next step.